Principal’s Blog 9 November 2023

P&F Play Equipment

The new play equipment that completes our obstacle course on the oval has started to be installed. So much thanks and gratitude goes to the P&F, particularly Mrs Ashlee Olynyk, for their efforts in organising and providing this for the school. We are awaiting for soft-fall to be installed before all 3 new equipment pieces are fully functional.

Year 6 Camp

Next Tuesday 14 November, our Year 6 students embark on a 4-day camp on Rottnest Island. The weather looks pretty good for next week and we hope the students and staff have a fun, enjoyable and safe camp experience.


In preparation for the upcoming Rottnest camp, all of the Year 6 students engaged in a bicycle education lesson, ensuring they have the adequate skills and knowledge to ride safely, particularly as a large group, in Rottnest. The students are to be congratulated for the way they rode sensibly and safely around the school perimeter and for taking on new knowledge about riding safely. Thanks also goes to the staff who were able to assist with the riding workshops.

School Mass

Thank you to all students and families who attended the School Mass last Saturday. It was great to see students from the school join in this wonderful celebration and a special thank you to the school choir, who sung on the night.

Christmas Concert

Preparations have started for this year’s Christmas concert, being held on Wednesday 29 November, beginning at 5:30pm. Classes have started practicing their concert items during the week and are looking forward to celebrating this wonderful event in the school calendar.

Staffing Update

One of our treasured staff members, Miss Jorje Harman, will be leaving St Damien’s at the end of the year, returning to St Mary’s Catholic School in Broome, where she spent 3 years as a teacher prior to joining our school last year. Miss Harman has been a fantastic teacher and staff member and whilst we are very sad to see her leaving, we wish her the very best as she returns to the northern part of our state. We hope she enjoys her last 6 weeks in our school community.

2024 Student Leaders

It is that time of year when our current Year 5 students go through the process of nominations and voting for the 2024 student leaders. Whilst this is both an exciting and nervous time for the participating students, it is a great opportunity for them to develop and grow in their leadership capacity and skills at school.


I congratulate all of the students who have chosen to take on the challenge to participate in the 2024 Leadership program of the school and look forward to announcing the successful students at this year’s Christmas Concert.

Behaviour Focus

The current behaviour focus is for ‘waiting for supervision before playing during breaks’. What this means for students is that they need to wait for the allocated staff member to arrive on their duty site before students begin playing.

Beach Sports

The school’s Friday afternoon Beach Sports program this week, on Friday 10 November, with our Year 1 and 2 classes going to the beach. We hope the participating classes have a great time.


There is a whole school assembly this Friday 10 November, beginning at 8:45am, with Principal Awards being presented and the Pre Primary class performing  an item. Parents and friends of the school community are welcome to come and join us for the assembly.

School Calendar

Parents are encouraged to visit the school’s term planner on a regular basis to ensure you are informed about upcoming events during the year. The term planner can be accessed by clicking on the following link: School Events Calendar

Principal Awards

Over the past week some students have been sent to my office to receive a Principal’s Award for completing some exceptional work. I congratulate Mia-Rose Landgren, from Year 2 Gold, for her fantastic work in Spelling; Taj Gilbert, Sage Wiggers, Harper Baker, Juno Jacques, Frankie Wilson-Kennedy, Odin Caine, Mila Aurisch, Lily Gunton and Landon Carey, from Year 2 Blue, for their fantastic Writing; and West Banfield, Molly Muletta, Phoebe Gilbert, Baye West, Kai Boettiger and Marli King, from Year 4 Gold, for their fantastic work in Italian. Well done and keep up the great work!

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch