Principal’s Blog 8 September 2022

R U OK Day

Today is ‘R U OK Day’. Sometimes, we do not really know what people, especially those close to us, are really going through; the chances are, someone you may know might be really struggling at the moment.


Today is the perfect day to reach out to that special someone and offer genuine support for what they may be going through, and it all starts with a simple question and a short conversation.


So please take the time to ask that someone, ‘R U OK’, and even more time to listen to what they have to say. A simple question could be the change in someone’s life that is needed.


Our staff have been treated to a morning tea treat to celebrate the day, which they thoroughly deserve. We also thank Ashlee Olynyk and the P&F for the wonderful morning tea put on for parents in the school this morning to celebrate R U OK day.

NSI School Climate Survey

Thank you to all of the parents who have taken the time to complete the NSI School survey; your efforts are greatly appreciated. However, there is still time for more parents to complete the survey. The survey only takes approximately 5 minutes and closes this Friday, so if you have not yet completed the survey, please take the time to do so. The survey can be accessed by the link below:

National School Survey Link            

And enter the password ‘SDPACS’ in the ‘Start Questionnaire’ field.

Inter School Athletics Carnival

Next Wednesday 14th September, we have a number of students competing in the Inter School Athletics carnival, being held at Falcon Primary School. We wish these competing students the very best and hope they enjoy the experience.

Father's Day

I hope families were able to enjoy last Sunday and got the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day with family and friends. The weather was amazing and complimented what I hope was a great day for everyone.

Holy Communion Preparation Mass

On Tuesday night our Year 4 First Holy Communion candidates celebrated a preparation Mass, in readiness to receive the Sacrament on Sunday 18 September. We wish these students the very best as they prepare to receive this very special sacrament in the coming weeks. As part of their preparation in receiving the Sacrament, the Year 4 students will be engaging in a retreat day next Tuesday 13th September, being held at school.

Term 4

Term 4 begins on Tuesday 11th October for all students. All students should be wearing the correct summer uniform for the beginning of term 4. Please contact the office if you require any assistance with acquiring the school summer uniform.

Friday Morning Assembly

There is a whole school assembly this Friday 9 September, beginning at 8:45am, with the Year 5 class presenting an item. Parents and friends of the school community are welcome to come and join us for the assembly.

Principal Awards

This week some students have been sent to my office to receive a Principal’s Award for completing some exceptional work. I congratulate Heidi Farrant, Hudson Evans, Thomas Bryant, Marleih Rodgers-Falk, Lylah Gillard, Archer Robinson, Ella Bevan and Xavier Sandford from Pre Primary Blue, for their outstanding work in Literacy, Alfie Mannion and Lucas Bramley Meihana, from Year 1 Blue, for their fantastic work in Mathematics, Ben Divine, from Year 5G, for his great work in Writing, Arlo Caine, from Year 5 Gold, for his amazing work in Mathematics and Blaze Coleman, Oliver Olsen, Isla Hillier, Keisha Kennedy, Asia Brady, Jasmyne Foster, Indiana Chalwell, Kitty Watson, Bryden Norwood, Noah Dowding and Eimeid Shadlow, from Year 6 Blue, for their great work in Literacy and Elvie Doyle, Bryden Norwood and Kingsley Wilson-Kennedy, from Year 6 Blue, for their fantastic results in Mathematics . Well done and keep up the great work!

Principal Leave

For your information, I will be away for the last 2 weeks of this term, on Long Service Leave. Mr Peter Hazebroek will be fulfilling my role as Principal during my time of absence from the school.

God Bless,

Daniel Gooch