Principal’s Blog 7 December 2023

Year 6 Graduation Celebrations

This week has been a big week for our Year 6 students. They are all to be congratulated for reaching the significant milestone of graduating from St Damien’s Catholic Primary School, which was celebrated on Wednesday through our Graduation Mass, Morning Tea and Graduation Luncheon. Thank you to all of the parents and family members who could attend the Graduation Mass, being able to share in this very special and significant time with the Year 6 students.

School Reports

School reports will made available to parents from Friday, 8 December 2023, at 4:00pm via SEQTA. Parents wishing to discuss the outcome of the student’s report are asked to contact their child’s classroom teacher, who will be on the school site from Monday 11 December to Thursday 14 December, to make an appointment.

2024 Class Lists

2024 class lists will be posted on classroom doors for parents and students to view from 10:00am, next Monday 11 December, 2023. Entry gates into the school near the Administration Office will remain open from Monday 12 December to Thursday 14 December, up to 3:00pm, for parents to access.


I thank the staff for their extreme due diligence and efforts spent in finalising the class lists; a complex process that has taken over a month to complete in an attempt to provide the most suitable learning environment for each student in the school.

2024 School Fee Schedule

The 2024 School Fee schedule has been set. In summary, there has been a 2.5% increase on 2023 school fees, with the actual increase amount being in the vicinity of between $40 and $60 for the year, depending on the year group level. This percentage increase has come as a recommendation from CEWA, who advise the school over our financial operations. The summary of the 2024 School Fee Schedule can be accessed by clicking on the following link:  2024 School Schedule

Final Day Assembly

School concludes for students at 3:00pm on this Friday 8 December. Following tradition, there will be a final assembly, where we farewell the graduating Year 6 students. This assembly will begin at 2:00pm in the hall and all parents and friends of the school are welcome to attend. After the assembly, all students in Pre Primary to Year 5 will return to class, where they will be dismissed at the end of the day.

Friday Morning Assembly & Liturgy

Our final House assembly will take place this Friday 8 December, beginning at 8:45am, where all remaining ‘Wicked Work’, ‘Rising Star’ and other certificates will be awarded. As part of the assembly we will be having a Christmas Liturgy, to mark the significant period of Advent, as we lead up to Christmas day in the coming weeks. This assembly will take place with all students in the hall.

Water Slide Day

On Tuesday, all students in the winning Melros team enjoyed the great privilege of having a play on the giant water slides, as part of the Faction House competition throughout the year. It was a lot of fun and a great way to draw a close to the competition for the year. The school choir also had time on the slide to acknowledge all the extra work and effort they have committed over the year, which we are grateful for. Thanks goes to Mr Hazebroek and Mr Salmeri for creating the fantastic slide to play on.

Kindy Graduation

On Tuesday 5 December, we celebrated the Kindy Graduation ceremony and what a wonderful and emotional ceremony it was. The Kindy students were amazing in the way they sang, danced and spoke to the audience and they were very well supported by their Year 3 buddies. Thank you to all of the staff who assisted in the preparation and running of the Kindy Graduation ceremony; it surely was a fantastic way to acknowledge all of the wonderful achievements the students have made. Thank you, also to all of the parents , family members and friends who attended the ceremony, in support of the Kindy students.

Colour Run

Today the P&F are running the St Damien’s Colour Run. All students from Pre Primary  to Year 6 have the opportunity to navigate their way through the Colour Run course, eventuating in them all being showered in multiple colours of paint. We hope all participating students enjoy the event.


The P&F are to be sincerely thanked for organising and running this year’s Colour Run. A special thank you goes to Toneal Butler and Mandurah Mazda, for their support and generous donations to run the event.

Inter House Beach Carnival

Last Friday we held the Inter House Beach Carnival for all students in Pre Primary to Year 5. We were blessed with nice weather throughout the day and it was great to see all participating students join in the activities and have a great time. A special thank you to the staff and parent volunteers who assisted with the carnival, making it a successful experience for our students.

Class Transition Session

On Monday, all students from Kindy to Year 5 engaged in a transition session, where they moved up to their 2024 Year level classrooms in order to familiarise them all with the new settings for school next year. We hope the students enjoyed the experience.


Lost & Found

There is a table outside the hall with a number of lost and found school uniform items. Please feel free to wonder past the table and to recover any items of clothing your child may have lost in recent times.

Final Newsletter

As this is the final newsletter for the year, on behalf of all the staff I would like to thank all families for the great support you have given to the staff, children and myself throughout the year and wish everyone a very happy, blessed and Holy Christmas. This has been an amazing year and as a school community, we should be very proud of all of the achievements we have made in 2023.


I would also like to wish those families who are leaving the school in 2023, every success for the future. I hope you hold and treasure your time spent at St Damien’s School.


We look forward to seeing those students returning to St Damien’s CPS next year, for what will be another exciting, fun and successful 2024.

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch