Principal’s Blog 4 November 2021

Italian Assembly

On Wednesday the school hosted the ‘Italian Assembly’. This has traditionally been a very big event for the school and this year’s assembly was no different. All the students across the school were amazing in the way they presented and participated in their class assembly items and were very entertaining for all of the parents, friends and special guests who were able to view the assembly.


A lot of time and effort went into preparing for the ‘Italian Assembly’ and thanks goes to all of the staff and students for the way they practiced and rehearsed for the event. We also thank all of the families for assisting in ensuring the students were dressed correctly and prepared for the assembly. A special mention to Signora Bava, for her passionate and dedicated efforts in planning, practicing and preparing all of the students for the assembly and for ensuring every student in the school played some part.


To support the day, the students were able to participate in some of the life and culture of Italy, by playing bocci and soccer and also being able to view both Ducati and Vespa motorcycles. This was an amazing day for everyone involved!

All Saints Day Mass

On Monday 1 November, we celebrated a whole school Mass for our years 3 to 6 and a liturgy for our students in Kindy to Year 2, to celebrate ‘All Saints Day’. We thank Fr Vincent for celebrating the Mass and liturgy with us and Mrs Leighton for all of her work in preparing and planning the Mass and liturgy.

ACER PAT Testing

Over the past week, all students in the school from Year 1 to 6 have been participating the school’s ACER Progressive Achievement (PAT) assessments testing program, for literacy and numeracy. The PAT assessments are designed to support our school in collecting meaningful information about students’ abilities in literacy and numeracy and to give us good information about what academic growth has been achieved over the year by the students.


Results from the PAT assessments are used to inform the end of year outcomes for students as well as assist the school and teachers in planning meaningful and effective future curriculum programs to support the students’ needs and abilities. As a school we certainly value the information the PAT assessments provide in ensuring continual growth is achieved across the school, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy.

Bandanna Day

Many thanks to all students who were able to support ‘Bandanna Day’, by buying a bandanna last week. As a school, we sold all 300 bandannas, which was amazing, so well done.   

Beach Sports

Beach Sports is on again this week, with our Year 4 and 6 students heading to the beach this Friday 5 November afternoon, where they will get to participate in a number of fun games and activities.

Year 5 Camp

Today our Year 5 students head to Fairbridge Campsite for their school camp. They are all getting very excited and ready to enjoy a couple of days of fun and adventure. We thank the teachers for their efforts in organising the camp and we look to sharing more about the success of the camp in next week’s newsletter.

Year 6 Camp

Next Tuesday 9 November, our Year 6 students embark on a 4-day camp on Rottnest Island. The weather looks pretty good for next week and we hope the students and staff have a fun, enjoyable and safe camp experience.

Music Assembly

A ‘Music Assembly’ is being held tomorrow, Friday 5 November, beginning at 8:45am in the hall. Parents and friends of the school community are welcome to come and join us.

Principal Awards

This week a student has been sent to my office to receive a Principal’s Award for completing some exceptional work. I congratulate Jackson Chamberlain from Year 5 Gold, for his great work in Mathematics. Well done and keep up the great work!

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch