Principal’s Blog 3 March 2022


This week we began the Lenten period, which started yesterday, Wednesday 2nd March. Lent is a time of conversion and a time to deepen one’s faith, demonstrating and sharing it through prayer, abstinence and almsgiving. Pope Francis reminds us about the responsibility we all have towards our brothers and sisters and calls us to take care of others:


Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up” (6:9-10).


Students will be learning about the significance Lent has in the lives of Catholics and will be engaging in activities which promote the life and love of God, throughout the term.


We all celebrated the beginning of Lent with a liturgy being held online for all students in the school.  We thank Fr Vincent for celebrating the liturgy with us and also Mr Hazebroek, for preparing the liturgy service. We had some fantastic Year 5 students who assisted in reading during the liturgy and they are to be congratulated for their contributions.


During the period of Lent, we are asked to support ‘Project Compassion’, with donation boxes being held in every class. All donations, big and small, will be greatly appreciated by Caritas Australia.


My sincerest gratitude goes to all families for your patience and care taken around the school, particularly at pick-up time, since the parking space on Nyabing Pass has been removed. Staff will continue to park elsewhere around the school, freeing up the front carpark area for families to use, in the meantime.

COVID Update

It has been another big week regarding the management of COVID-19 since the State Premier’s announcement on Monday. Further guidelines and mandates have been put in place, effective from today, Thursday 4th March, as part of the Level 2 High Caseload measures. To assist the school in managing the COVID-19 virus, I ask that you

·      Report any positive covid cases in the household to the school, via Administration Staff by phone or via email, at:

·      Keep your child/children home if they are unwell. (If they are displaying the symptoms of COVID-19, please get them tested).

Mask wearing has been introduced this week for students in Years 3 to 6 as part of the State Government’s plan to slow the spread of COVID. I thank all parents and students for adapting to this new requirement so quickly and smoothly.


The definition for ‘close contacts’ in schools is below and comes into consideration now that the mask-wearing requirement is in place in all classes from Years 3 to 6.


Again, I thank you for your support during these uncertain times and I ask that you please contact me at school if you have any questions regarding this issue.

Swimming Carnival

Historically, this has been a fantastic event for the St Damien’s School community. This event has been re-scheduled to term 4, being held on Tuesday 25th October, where we hope full collective participation by all Year 3 to 6 students and no restrictions on spectators is permitted. The re-scheduling of the carnival comes into line with the moving of the Inter-School Carnival, which will now take place on Tuesday 8th November.

Beach Sports

This Friday 4th March, our Year 6’s will be heading to the beach for their ‘Beach Sports’ program. Last week our Year 5 students had a great time in the water, especially riding the waves on their boogie boards.

Principal Awards

Over the past week some students have been sent to my office to receive a Principal’s Award for completing some exceptional work. I congratulate Madison Bevan, Sophie Shannen and Bryce McKay, from Year 2G, for their fantastic efforts in their Italian, Kayla Abbott, Emerson Bell and Sophia Whiston, from Year 2B, for their brilliant work in their Writing and Jack Newbold, from 6B, for his great work in Spelling. Well done and keep up the great work!

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch