Principal’s Blog 23 November 2023

Christmas Concert

After weeks of practice and rehearsals, the Christmas concert is finally here. The concert will begin at 5:30pm, next Wednesday 29 November. The concert will be taking place in the oval area of the school. We look forward to what is going to be a fun and entertaining event.


In preparation for the event, I recommend that all parents and friends who will be attending the concert to bring something warm so they can sit comfortably throughout the event, just in case of a cool evening.


Please be mindful that NO ALCOHOL and NO PETS (dogs) are permitted on the school site during the Christmas concert.


As part of the Christmas concert, student awards will be presented for each class group and the 2024 Student School Leaders will also be announced. We look forward to a fun and entertaining evening. The Parish will also have a table selling raffle tickets for their Christmas hamper, so if you like to buy some tickets, please bring along some cash.

School Advisory Council and P&F Annual Community Meeting

Last Tuesday night the School Advisory Council ACM was held. I thank all of those staff and parents who attended, showing wonderful support for the school. As part of the proceedings, the school got the opportunity to thank the Advisory Council for their service and also to welcome the Council into the 2024 school year. After many years of service on the School Advisory Council, Ben Dell has stepped down as Chairperson; a position he has held over the past few years and has done a wonderful job in guiding and leading the Advisory Council. We also had Cat Meunier, Jodie Wozniuk and Brandt Sachse end their tenures and we thank them for all for their time, effort and contributions over the years. This lead to having vacancies, and we welcome Bec Hillier, Skye Morcombe, Lee Fucile and Karen Boetigger onto the Advisory Council in 2024. I congratulate all members of the Advisory Council and look forward to working with them as we try and continue to improve the quality of education and school environment for all students in the school.


The P&F ACM was held as well. I thank all of the members of the P&F for their continued commitment to the school. The P&F have had a fantastic year and are to be thanked and congratulated for all of their achievements and successful activities run. A special thanks goes to the executive committee throughout the year, under the guidance of Ashlee Olynyk, who has stepped down as President. Unfortunately we were unable to fill the vacated President, Vice President and Treasurer positions, but we welcome Emma Clayton onto the role of Secretary.

Volunteers Morning Tea

Next Monday 27 November, beginning at 11:00am, we are hosting a morning tea for all of the fantastic volunteers who have assisted the school during the year. This is a small token of thanks for all of the dedicated and wonderful work people have committed to the school and students, of which we are truly grateful for.

2024 Student Leaders

On Monday 20 November, we heard our Year 5 students who are nominating for Head Girl and Head Boy deliver their Leadership speeches. All students are to be congratulated on the quality of their speeches and for their courage in being able to speak so confidently and articulately in front of an audience of about 240 students and adults.


Following the speeches, all students in Years 3 to 6 have gone through the voting process, where they have been able to nominate who they would like to see as Head Girl and Head Boy, Student Councillors and House Captains for 2024. The successful students will be announced at the upcoming Christmas concert. I wish all participating students the very best of luck.

Staffing News

Next year we welcome a number of new staff to the school, including Marc Meunier (Phys Ed/Sport), Georgie Bevan (teacher), Brooke Dunning (teacher) and Alyce Baker (Education Assistant). We are excited about their appointments to the school and look forward to them all becoming part of the St Damien’s staff team.


We do have a few staff sadly leaving at the end of the year, including Jorje Harman, Alana Salmeri and Jenny Mulvey. We wish these staff the very best for the next adventure in their journey and thank them all for their time and efforts committed to the school over the years. Mr Lily will also be taking a year of leave, returning for the 2025 school year.

Year 6 Camp

Last week we were truly blessed with great weather which enabled the Year 6 students to fully participate and enjoy all of the activities at the Rottnest camp. While on camp the students got to enjoy 4 days of participating in events and activities including the jet boat ride, the ‘Amazing Race’, playing mini-golf,  snorkelling at ‘The Basin’ and ‘Parakeet Bay’, and much more.

All of the students are to be commended for their fantastic participation and behaviour on camp. It was very pleasing to see all of them enjoying what Rottnest had to offer and try new and exciting things.

A very special thank you goes to all staff who attended the Rottnest camp. Their tireless efforts and special care in ensuring all students remained safe and happy throughout the 4 days were greatly appreciated. 

Behaviour Focus

The current behaviour focus is ‘waiting for supervision before playing during breaks’. What this means for students is that they need to wait for the allocated staff member to arrive on their duty site before students begin playing.

School Calendar

Parents are encouraged to visit the school’s term planner on a regular basis to ensure you are informed about upcoming events during the year. The term planner can be accessed by clicking on the following link: School Events Calendar

Friday Morning Assembly

There is a whole school assembly this Friday 24 November, beginning at 8:45am, with the Year 3 class presenting an item. During the assembly, St Damien’s and Principal Awards will be presented to the deserving students. Parents and friends of the school community are welcome to come and join us for the assembly.

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch