Principal’s Blog 24 November 2022

Christmas Concert

After weeks of practice and rehearsals, the Christmas concert is finally here. The concert will begin at 5:30pm, next Wednesday 30 November. The concert will be taking place in the oval area of the school. We look forward to what is going to be a fun and entertaining event.


In preparation for the event, I recommend that all parents and friends who will be attending the concert to bring something warm so they can sit comfortably throughout the event, just in case of a cool evening.


Please be mindful that NO ALCOHOL and NO PETS (dogs) are permitted on the school site during the Christmas concert.


As part of the Christmas concert, student awards will be presented for each class group and the 2023 Student School Leaders will also be announced. We look forward to a fun and entertaining evening.

School Advisory Council and P&F ACM

Last night the School Advisory Council ACM was held. I thank all of those staff and parents who attended, showing wonderful support for the school. As part of the proceedings, the school got the opportunity to thank the Advisory Council for their service during the 2023 school year. After many years of service on the School Advisory Council, Michael Goodwin has ended his tenure and we thank him for all of his time, effort and contributions over the years. Ben Dell will continue as the Advisory Council Chairperson for 2023, with the Deputy Chair position to be filled at the next meeting. I congratulate all members of the Advisory Council and look forward to working with them as we try and continue to improve the quality of education for all students in the school.


The P&F ACM was held as well last as well. I thank all of the members of the P&F for their continued commitment to the school. Ashlee Olynyk has stepped up to take on the role as the P&F President for 2023, which we are very grateful for. This year we say thank you and goodbye to our outgoing President, Natarlie Woodman, and we thank her for her tremendous service and efforts whilst serving on the P&F committee over the years.

2023 Student Leaders

On Monday 21 November, we heard our Year 5 students who are nominating for Head Girl and Head Boy deliver their Leadership speeches. All students are to be congratulated on the quality of their speeches and for their courage in being able to speak so confidently and articulately in front of an audience of about 240 students and adults.


Following the speeches, all students in Years 3 to 6 have gone through the voting process, where they been able to nominate who they would like to see as Head Girl and Head Boy, Student Councillors and House Captains for 2023. The successful students will be announced at the upcoming Christmas concert. I wish all participating students the very best of luck.

Year 6 Rottnest Camp

Last week we were truly blessed with great weather which enabled the Year 6 students to fully participate and enjoy all of the activities at the Rottnest camp. While on camp the students  got to enjoy 4 days of participating in events and activities including the jet boat ride, the ‘Amazing Race’, touring Oliver Hill, playing mini-golf,  snorkelling at ‘The Basin’, and much more.

All of the students are to be commended for their fantastic participation and behaviour on camp. It was very pleasing to see all of them enjoying what Rottnest had to offer and try new and exciting things.

A very special thank you goes to all staff who attended the Rottnest camp. Their tireless efforts and special care in ensuring all students remained safe and happy throughout the 4 days were greatly appreciated. 

School Choir

Today, our school choir got the opportunity to sing Christmas Carols at the Dawesville Coles shopping complex. The choir sung beautifully and were thoroughly entertaining to the large audience who gathered to watch. Well done to Mrs Burns for preparing the students and organising the performance; it was fantastic! 

Parish Stall

Tomorrow morning prior to the Friday morning assembly, members of the Parish will be setting up a stall to sell cakes and other small, delicious items. This is a cash-only stall so please bring along some money if you would like to purchase a small treat or two.

Swimming Medals

During tomorrow’s Friday morning assembly, the championship and Runner-Up Champion girls and boys from our Inter House Swimming Carnival will be awarded their medals. We congratulate all of the deserved winners on their achievements.

2023 Kindy Orientation Session

Tomorrow, Friday 25 November, we are hosting our Kindy Orientation session, for all 2023 Kindy students and parents. We look forward to welcoming all new students and families into the school and hope they enjoy the opportunity to experience in preparing for beginning school next year.

2023 School Planning

A reminder to parents wishing to complete the optional survey designed to identify any additional or extenuating information that may need to be considered by the school staff when allocating students to classes. The opportunity for parents to complete the survey, which was sent out via SEQTA, will close at the end of the day on Tuesday, 30 November 2021.

MCC Rock Band

Yesterday, the students in the school were treated to a concert hosted by the MCC Rock Band. This was a fantastic and very entertaining event, where the students got to sing and dance along to some great music being played by the students at MCC.

Friday Morning Assembly

There is a whole school assembly this Friday 25 November, beginning at 8:45am, with the Year 2 class presenting an item. Parents and friends of the school community are welcome to come and join us for the assembly.

Principal Awards

This week some students have been sent to my office to receive a Principal’s Award for completing some exceptional work. I congratulate Mia-Rose Landgren and Keira O’Hare, from Year 1 Gold, for their great work in Literacy. Well done and keep up the great work!

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch