Principal’s Blog 24 February 2022

Important: Carpark and Road Works Update

My sincerest apologies, but unfortunately, with very short notice being given, the fencing off of the bush area between Nyabing Pass and Danadaragan Drive has occurred today. I was only informed recently that these works were scheduled to begin next month, but obviously that timeline has been significantly brought forward.


I understand that this will cause disruption to the current number of families who use this area to park and walk to collect their child/children from the school. Again, I apologise for the timing of this notice, but today’s installation of the fence was not forthcoming.


Coinciding with the development of the Nyabing Pass and Danadaragan Drive area is the development of the bush area north of Ocean Road. I am unsure what disruption or delay this may cause traffic, but a suggestion would be that if delays are experienced by St Damien’s CPS families driving down Ocean Road, entering from the southern side of the school may prevent this.


On a more positive note, progress on Wickepin Parade has continued in recent weeks, with the curbing being completed and the laying of the road reportedly taking place in the coming days. My hope is that this road will be opened to public use as soon as possible, which will potentially relieve the restricted parking access on Nyabing Pass.


Please understand that this current situation is not ideal, to say the least, and I do ask parents to please take care and caution when driving around the school, particularly during congested times of the day.

COVID-19 K-2 Remote Learning Packs

By the end of this week ‘Remote Learning’ packs would have been sent home for our students in Kindy to Year 2. The packs contain some essential resources that students can use in the case Remote Learning is required, to ensure they can fully engage in all Remote Learning tasks assigned by the teacher.


I ask that the ‘Remote Learning’ packs are stored in a safe place and remain unopened until required to be used. The packs have been put together and sent home to support families in the ease of transition to Remote Learning, should it need to occur.

Year 3 to 6 Face Masks

Correspondence was sent out to families on Monday which addressed the use of face masks in our school for students in Years 3 to 6. The purpose of the correspondence was to explain, in response to the most recent announcement by the State Government, that the wearing of face masks for students in these year levels was optional.


The State Government has indicated the wearing of face masks by students in Years 3 to 6 may become mandatory, due to a potential increase in COVID-19 caseloads and the rapid spread of the virus in schools. Please know that this directive has not been issued and the wearing of face masks will remain optional for students, until directed otherwise.


I ask that you please contact me at school if you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue.


An important part of our school program is to celebrate student success, which is why we have been determined to continue hosting our school assemblies, where accolades can be given to deserved students in the school. All assemblies have been moved to an online medium, where they can be observed in each classroom.


Last week saw the virtual presentation of student St Damien’s and Principal awards, which were recorded and shared with the relevant families in the school. Whist we would obviously prefer face-to-face presence from parents and families, we hope parents can still share in the joy and success when their child is a deserved recipient of one of our special awards.

Year 3-6 Swimming Trials and Carnival

Last week saw our students in Years 3 to 6 participate in the Faction House swim trials, at the MARC. The students are to be congratulated for their efforts in swimming their best and for cheering on other students.


Our Inter House Swimming Carnival is scheduled for next Thursday 3 March, being held at the MARC. We are determined to ensure the carnival goes ahead for the students, but it must be done so in an abbreviated format, with only one Year level competing in the pool at a time. This format is the same as the format followed for the swim trials and is in place to promote the safety and well being of all students and staff in the school.


Information regarding the swimming carnival will be sent to parents tomorrow. The carnival does need the help of parents, so if you are able to assist with a timing or place-judging duty, could you please let Miss Sanders know.


Parents are permitted to spectate at the carnival, but are asked not to come into the stand where the students will be sitting. Students will not be permitted to enter the spectator section during the carnival. Parents may take their child directly home from the carnival, but must inform their child’s classroom teacher if they wish to do so.


As mentioned in last week’s blog, the decision at a recent Sports coordinator’s meeting was to postpone the planned Inter-School Swimming Carnival until term 4 of the school year. A confirmed date for this event will be corresponded to families, once set.


We look forward to a fun and exciting day for the students. All results and winners of the carnival will be announced at the morning assembly on Friday 4th March.



Sadly, this program has been deferred until further notice. I thank all the families for their anticipated attendance at the ‘Enrolment Masses’ last weekend. New information regarding the change of dates for the Confirmation program will be shared, once known.

Principal Awards

Over the past week some students have been sent to my office to receive a Principal’s Award for completing some exceptional work. I congratulate Evie Chalwell and Coco Dell, from Year 4B, for their fantastic efforts in their Spelling. Well done and keep up the great work!

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch