Principal’s Blog 21st September 2022

What a jam-packed term this has been. On behalf of the staff, I would like to thank all the parents for their support in their child’s learning this term. There have been many wonderful things happening across all classes and lots of fantastic work being shared. There is a feeling that we may be seeing the tail end of the pandemic, which means life can certainly start to return to normal in preparation for a wonderful Term 4. To round off the term there have been some great things I would like to share with you.

Holy Communion Mass

Congratulations to our Year 4 students (and Imogen from Yr 5) for receiving the Sacrament of 1st Holy Communion on Sunday. Fr Vince spoke in his homily about the difference between being drawn and driven. We hope that receiving the sacrament will drive our young people into deepening their relationship with Jesus.

National Day of Mourning

Tomorrow, Thursday 22 September, our whole school community will have a one off public holiday to commemorate the memory of Queen Elizabeth II. We look forward to seeing students return on Friday for the last day of term.

Principal Awards

Congratulations to all the wonderful students who came to the office to share their great work.  We had special visits from Lucy Muletta, Rose Wozniuk and Louisse Stanley from 5B as they presented their Rights of the Child insights.

Amelia Irvine and Kaelahni Kenny-Levick from 5G shared their inspirational progress in Essential Assessment……3 years of progress…..AWESOME!

Footy Friday

A reminder that on the final day of term, Friday 23 September, students may come to school in their favourite footy colours. There are various codes of football, so all colours will be accepted. This is not a fundraising day, simply a fun way to end a fantastic term. A special pre-ordered Footy Friday lunch is being supplied by the canteen. NO OTHER FOOD will be available through the canteen on this day.

Kindy celebrated their Footy Wednesday today. There are certainly some up and coming AFL and AFLW stars coming out of St Damien’s.

Friday Morning Assembly

There is a whole school assembly on Friday 23 September, beginning at 8:45am. This assembly will be for Principal’s Awards and also as a final farewell before the end of term. Please note that there is no class item on this day. Parents and friends of the school community are welcome to come and join us for the assembly.

Year 6 Travel Expo

Last Friday, both Year 6 classes invited their families to a Travel Expo. This was the culmination of a number of week’s work in class, researching and presenting information on a country of choice. Feedback for the morning was highly positive with all students being highly engaged in the project and the event. A special thanks to Mrs Lampard, Miss Harman, Mrs Craig, Mrs Bunce and Mrs Field for their work and support with the students.

Athletics Carnival

Due to unforeseen circumstances, out of our control, the Interschool Athletics Carnival was rescheduled. The new confirmed date is Wednesday 12 October. Further information will be shared with families closer to the date.

Junior Council Project

Indi Chalwell (Junior Mayor) and Jackson Chamberlain are part of the Mandurah Junior Council. They have been working on a project for the community, with other Junior Council members, which will be held on Wednesday 5 October at the foreshore. What a great initiative from the junior members of our Mandurah schools. Please support them by heading to the foreshore to learn from their Racism Awareness Stall as part of the Peel Wellness Wednesday day.

We wish everyone a happy, safe and relaxing holiday and we look forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday 11 October.

Peace and blessings

Peter Hazebroek
Acting Principal