Principal’s Blog 18 November 2021

2022 School Leaders

On Monday, we had our potential Year 6 Leadership candidates deliver their speeches to the staff and students in Years 3 to 6. It was great to see the candidates delivery their own unique speech, articulating their strong personal qualities that would encourage the wider audience to nominate them for a Leadership position in 2022.


I thank and congratulate all of the Year 5 Leadership candidate students for their efforts and courage, not only to stand in front a large audience and speak so confidently about themselves, but also for nominating themselves to potentially take a Leadership role in the 2022 school year.


The Leadership candidates have placed their promotional posters on the windows of the Steve Dowie Hall, for all to see. The outcome of the Leadership appointment process will be shared at the Christmas Concert.

Year 6 Rottnest Camp

Last week we were truly blessed with great weather which enabled the Year 6 students to fully participate and enjoy all of the activities at the Rottnest camp. Unfortunately, for some students their Rottnest camp was cut short due to illness, but for the majority of students, they got to enjoy 4 days of participating in events and activities including the jet boat ride, the ‘Amazing Race’, touring Oliver Hill, playing mini-golf,  snorkelling at ‘The Basin’, and much more.

All of the students are to be commended for their fantastic participation and behaviour on camp. It was very pleasing to see all of them enjoying what Rottnest had to offer and try new and exciting things.

A very special thank you goes to all staff who attended the Rottnest camp. Their tireless efforts and special care in ensuring all students remained safe and happy throughout the 4 days was greatly appreciated.  

2022 Kindy Orientation Session

Tomorrow, Friday 19 November, we are hosting our Kindy Orientation session, for all 2022 Kindy students and parents. We look forward to welcoming all new students and families in to the school and hope they enjoy the opportunity to experience in preparing for beginning school next year.    

PSSA Lawn Bowls and T-20 Blast Cricket Competitions

Tomorrow, Friday 19 November, we have a number of students in Years 5 and 6 representing St Damien’s CPS at the PSSA Lawn Bowls competition and the T-20 Blast Cricket carnival. We wish all competing students the best of luck and hope they enjoy the experience.

PSSA Red Ball Tennis

Today our Year 4 students are participating in the PSSA Red Ball Tennis competition. We hope all of the students enjoy the opportunity in participating in the competition and putting their tennis skills to the test against other schools in the area.

School Mass

This Sunday 21 November, beginning at 8:30am, we are celebrating a school Mass. All students and families are welcome to come along and join us for this Mass celebration. There will be a breakfast served after Mass, for all to enjoy.

Christmas Concert

Preparations have started for this year’s Christmas concert, being held on Wednesday 1 December, beginning at 5:30pm. Classes have started practicing their concert items during the week and are looking forward to celebrating this wonderful event in the school calendar.

Friday House Assembly

A ‘House Assembly’ is being held tomorrow, Friday 19 November, beginning at 8:45am in the hall. The usual ‘Wicked Work’, and ‘Rising Star’ awards will be issued to the deserved students. Parents and friends of the school community are welcome to come and join us.

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch