Principal’s Blog 17 November 2023

School Advisory Council and P&F Annual Community Meeting

The School Advisory Council Annual Community Meeting is taking place next Tuesday 21 November, beginning at 6:00pm. The ACM is a chance to view the fiscal performance of the school and to share and celebrate the successes of the year. Typically, at this meeting also it is an opportunity to nominate new members onto the Advisory Council. For the first time in some years there will be vacancies on the School Advisory Council for 2024, so please refer to the SEQTA message sent to families recently if you are interested in nominating yourself or another parent from the school community to be part of the Advisory Council beginning next year.


Coinciding with the School Advisory Council meeting is the P&F ACM, beginning at 5:30pm on Tuesday 21 November. The P&F have had a wonderful year and this is a great opportunity to thank the committee for all of their hard work throughout the year and to share in all of the successful initiatives and events. All parents are welcome to come and join us for the P&F ACM. With all positions of the P&F Executive Committee being vacant at the end of this year, please take the time to consider yourself or another parent in the school community for a position of the P&F Executive Committee.

2024 School Planning

Planning is under way for the 2024 school year, with consideration being given to the structure of the classrooms and staffing in the school. Whilst there is plenty of time for this to be formalised, it is important that this is organised effectively so that all of the students can make an easy transition and have a successful start to the upcoming school year.


A letter has been sent today, via SEQTA, inviting parents to complete a survey, if required, should they have any extenuating concerns or information unknown to the school regarding the placement of their child in classrooms for 2024. Please take the time to read this correspondence, at your earliest convenience.


If you know your family are moving next year, could you please advise the office as soon as possible (if you have not already done so) to aid with planning for classes for next year. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. 

2024 Student Leaders

Over the past few weeks some of our students in Year 5 have been campaigning to become part of the Student Leadership Team in 2024. Next Monday, students nominating for Head Girl and Head Boy will be presenting speeches to all students in Years 3 to 6 as part of the election process. The speeches will take place in the hall, beginning at 8:50am this Monday, 20 November. We wish all of these students presenting a speech the very best of luck. The campaign posters are now posted on the windows of the hall for all members of the school community to see.


Following the speeches, all students in Years 3 to 6 will go through the voting process, where they get to nominate who they would like to see as Head Girl and Head Boy, Student Councillors and House Captains for 2024. The successful students will be announced at the upcoming Christmas concert.

Year 6 Camp

This week our Year 6 students are currently enjoying the fantastic opportunity of participating in the Rottnest camp. The students have had two action-packed days, swimming and snorkling at both Little Parakeet Bay and The Basin, competing in the amazing race, competing in a quiz night, watching a movie at the cinemas, and a lot more. With two more days to go, we know they will not only come home tired, but will have a lot of stories and exciting adventures to talk about. I am enjoying being on camp with the Year 6 students, watching them enjoy all the experiences and opportunities Rottnest has to offer.


More information regarding the Year 6 camp will be included in next week’s newsletter.

Remembrance Day

Last Monday 13 November, the school held a ‘Remembrance Day’ ceremony in the Steve Dowie Hall. We thank the students for their reverence during this ceremony as they prayed and showed their respects for those who have served and those fallen in defence of our nation. Thank you also goes to Mr Hazebroek for organising this ‘Remembrance Day’ ceremony.

Christmas Concert

Preparations have continued for this year’s Christmas concert, being held on Wednesday 29 November, beginning at 5:30pm. Classes have started practicing their concert items during the week and are looking forward to celebrating this wonderful event in the school calendar.

Behaviour Focus

The current behaviour focus is ‘waiting for supervision before playing during breaks’. What this means for students is that they need to wait for the allocated staff member to arrive on their duty site before students begin playing.

School Calendar

Parents are encouraged to visit the school’s term planner on a regular basis to ensure you are informed about upcoming events during the year. The term planner can be accessed by clicking on the following link: School Events Calendar

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch