Principal’s Blog 17 March 2022

St Patrick's Day

Today the school community got the chance to celebrate ‘St Patrick’s Day’. Students had fun dressing in their green free dress outfits to recognise St Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland.


Saint Patrick lived a devoted life, spreading the good news of God and converting thousands of people to Christianity during his time. Today, the 17th March, marks the death of St Patrick and when many festivals and celebrations take place around the world to acknowledge the life and work of St Patrick.

P&F and School Advisory Council Meetings

This week we have hosted both a monthly P&F meeting and a School Advisory Council meeting. Both meetings were held online and many thanks to all of the parents who are part of these groups for their efforts and hard work, mostly done behind the scenes.

COVID Update

As per the notifications recently being sent to families, there are increasing numbers of COVID cases present in the households of families in the school. I am very thankful for the families who have recently been affected by COVID in the household, for they way they have promptly communicated their situation to the school. With early notification, it makes it simpler for the school to respond, provide the appropriate advice to families and correspond with the wider community.


On Monday, correspondence was sent out to families on the ‘self-reporting’ of COVID in the household of families, when it arises. I please ask that families use the ‘self-reporting’ link below to inform the school of any positive COVID results that may appear in the household:


COVID-19 Self-reporting Form for Students and Staff members


Once a student is reported as a positive COVID case or is required to follow the mandated isolation period for 7 days due to being identified as a ‘Close Household Contact’, the provision of remote learning activities will be provided by the classroom teachers of the affected students. Face-to-face learning is a priority for all other students who are not in mandatory isolation, and should attend school as per normal.


Please, if you have any questions regarding this, please contact me at school.

Beach Sports

This Friday 18th March, our Year 1 students will be heading to the beach for their ‘Beach Sports’ program. 


Last week our Pre Primary students enjoyed a water fun day at school rather than the beach sports, due to the very hot weather. The Pre Primary students (and staff) had a great time splashing around in the Kindy area.


Congratulations to Our Champion Swimmers

A special congratulations goes to Amber Reid, Jesse Spencer and Remy Lukasik, who won an abundance of medals in the recent Country Swimming Championships, held in Carnarvon. Congratulations to these students for their great achievements.

Principal Awards

Over the past week some students have been sent to my office to receive a Principal’s Award for completing some exceptional work. I congratulate Chelsea WillshireOlivia Whiston and Jade Winder, from Year 6 Gold, for their fantastic efforts in their Italian. Well done and keep up the great work!

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch