Principal’s Blog 15th September 2022

Holy Communion Mass

On Sunday, 29 young people, most of whom come from our Year 4 classes, will be receiving their 1st Holy Communion. This is a significant day in their faith journey as it allows them to participate more fully in the mass. The action of receiving communion is an important one as it allows those who partake in this special moment to deepen their relationship with God. We wish them and their families every blessing for a wonderful day.

NSI School Climate Survey

Have you had your say and completed the NSI School survey? If not then please click on the link below and complete this short survey. This is a very important aspect of seeking feedback from the parent community, which will assist us in continuing to build on and make decisions to further enhance the already wonderful school community we are in. The survey can be accessed by the links below:

National School Survey Link            

And enter the password ‘SDPACS’ in the ‘Start Questionnaire’ field.

For those parents who have completed it; your efforts are greatly appreciated.

National Day of Mourning

On Thursday 22 September, our whole school community will have a once off public holiday to commemorate the memory of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s important to recognise the significant impact Her Majesty had, not just on the people of the UK but also across the world. She was incredibly respected and will leave the world with a legacy for others to strive to. May she rest in peace.

Principal Awards

It has been a privilege to be in Mr Gooch’s seat this week to be able to view some of the great work being produced by our students. I had special visits from Phoebe Gilbert and Amelie Wroth as they presented their Italian work.

Will Ridout from Year 1 G showed some of his writing to Mr Gooch before he went on leave.

Year 2 Gold students, Danielle Katsaros, Otis Dell, Daniel Creamer and Cooper Peters shared their awesome stories with me, which were full of adjectives and were so much fun to read.

Footy Friday

On the final day of term, Friday 23 September, students may come to school in their favourite footy colours. There are various codes of football, so all colours will be accepted. This is not a fundraising day, simply a fun way to end a fantastic term.

Friday Morning Assembly

There is a whole school assembly next Friday 23 September, beginning at 8:45am. This assembly will be for Principal’s Awards and also as a final farewell before the end of term. Please note that there is no class item on this day. Parents and friends of the school community are welcome to come and join us for the assembly.

Year 6 Italian Excursion

The Year 6 students and their teachers travelled to Perth to the Laguna Veneto Bocce Club. The students were immersed in the Italian culture as they played bocce against members of the club, spoke to them in Italian and enjoyed a beautiful lunch. Special thanks to Signora Bava for organising the day.

Athletics Carnival

Due to unforeseen circumstances, out of our control, the Interschool Athletics Carnival was rescheduled. The new confirmed date is Wednesday 12 October. Further information will be shared with families closer to the date.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Peace and blessings

Peter Hazebroek
Acting Principal