Principal’s Blog 14 October 2021

Principal's Message

Welcome back to St Damien’s CPS for term 4. I hope you have had the opportunity to spend some family time with your child/children over the past fortnight. Term 4 is typically a busy, but very rewarding one, with all of the hard work committed earlier in the year coming to fruition towards the end. I hope students all enjoyed their break and are re-energised, ready to complete their last 9 weeks of school for 2021. 

Summer Uniform

The beginning of term 4 sees the students wearing the school summer uniform on their non-sports uniform days. Given that we may still encounter some cool weather and to ensure families have time to purchase new summer uniforms, if required, the first 2 weeks of the term will be a transition period, where the winter uniform may still be worn. All students are expected to be in full summer uniform beginning Monday 25 October. Please contact the front office if you require any assistance with the school summer uniform. 

COVID-19 Update

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic is having some significant effect on other States in Australia, our school is still under ‘Phase 5 COVID School Guideline’, meaning school operations will continue to operate as previous to the end of term 3. 


As part of the State’s vaccination program roll out, 12-year-old children have recently been eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccination of children (persons under 18 years of age), is not mandatory and remains a parental choice whether a child is vaccinated, or not. At this stage, the vaccination program has not affected the operations of the school, nor has there been any mandates issued regarding the vaccination status of staff, students and/or people entering the school site.


Given the school acts under the direction and guidance of the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia (CEWA), any changes to the current COVID Safe Guidelines will be directly communicated to families as soon as they are issued.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please make time to contact me in the office to discuss further.

Friday 'House' Assemblies

This term we are trialling the rescheduling of the Friday afternoon ‘House’ assemblies to Friday mornings, beginning at 8:45am. The ‘House’ assemblies will be held on each Friday morning when a ‘Whole School’ assembly is not scheduled, with ‘Wicked Work’, and ‘Rising Star’ awards being issued to the deserved students.


The reason for moving this assembly is due to the many interruptions that prevent the full participation from all classes on a Friday afternoon. These interruptions include the Beach Sports and Friday Afternoon Sports programs, which begin again in the coming weeks. With the weather also heading into summer, the hot afternoons can be avoided by hosting the ‘House’ assembly first thing on Friday mornings.

Our first ‘House’ assembly will held next Friday 22 October, beginning at 8:45am, with all parents invited to join in the assembly.

School Photos

School photos are taking place next Monday 18 October and Friday 22 October. Students are required to be wearing their correct school summer uniform for the school photo. The schedule for school photos is as follows:

Monday 18 October:

  • Family photos
  • 4 Year Old Kindy B
  • 4 Year Old Kindy G
  • PPB
  • PPG
  • Yr 1B
  • Yr 1G
  • Yr 2B
  • Yr 2G
  • Yr 3B
  • Yr 3G
  • Yr 4B
  • Yr 4G
  • Yr 5G

Friday 22 October:

  • Family photos
  • 3 Year Old Kindy Ducklings
  • 3 Year Old Kindy Joeys
  • Yr 5B
  • Yr 6B
  • Yr 6G
  • House Captains
  • Student Councillors
  • Green Team
  • Catch Up/Missed students

Wickepin Parade Parking

Capital works have continued on the southern side of the school, with the next and final housing stage on the Wickepin Parade side of the school being underway, with completion of the works being scheduled for late December. Unfortunately, with the works starting up in this area, we have temporarily lost the u-turn turning circle at the end of the street in this area.


In speaking with the developers, this u-turn option will not be reinstated for a number of weeks, so I do ask that parents continue to drive safely and with care if driving in this area. Once completed, their will be a total of 18 street car bays available on Wickepin Parade, along with side-street parking availability.

PSSA Inter School Athletics Carnival

The Inter School PSSA Athletics carnival is being held next Wednesday 20 October, being held at Halls Head Primary School.


We congratulate all of the competing students for the extra effort they have put into training over the past few weeks and we wish them all the very best for this event.

Students Holiday Success

During the holidays some students in the school have made some fantastic achievements. Firstly, congratulations to Charlie Ellis, from 4B, for being part of the winning team of the Country Week Soccer for Peel.


We also congratulate John Sedenkov, from 6B, for his entry, ‘Sunlight in a Storm’ in the 2021 Tim Winton Awards, where he has been awarded a commendation by the judges.

God Bless,


Daniel Gooch